A fan passionately kisses Enrique Iglesias in Las Vegas

Enrique performing two back to  back shows in Las Vegas

During break time he interacts  with his fan.

A fan who wants to take a  picture with him.

But she is not happy with a simple selfie.

When Enrique Iglesias is kiss  on woman's cheek

Instead, she offers her mouth to him  and starts to kiss him directly on the lips.

Enrique Iglesias offers her his  cheek again while hugging her

but Female Fan presses her mouth  towards Enrique Iglesias again.

At last of kiss several seconds  during which Enrique Iglesias

They no longer seem to be trying  to push away the female fan.

This is an opportunity to take a selfie  while continuing to kiss Enrique Iglesias.

Finally, Enrique Iglesias gets rid of the  grip on the fan and leaves the place.