Electronic Arts (EA) has already suspended some money owed for using the call “Andrew Tate” in Apex Legends.

Reddit user was excluded from the Battle Royale because he named his character after the influential British-American.

But it looks as if other players with equal usernames have also been banned per week.

Despite being blocked from all the most important social media websites, Andrew Tate, the latest star of Rumble, still seems to be famous online.

The former kickboxer, known as the “King of Toxic Masculinity,” has drawn grievance for his divisive opinions.

Apex Legends is nicely given that the game is tightening down on any mentions of the divisive internet personality.

It appears that violating their regulations by using his call in the sport is the case.

call allegedly violates their tenet on fine play characters, and even if it becomes best meant as a funny story.

it still interferes with other players' amusement in the game.

Notably, the crime falls under the coverage infringement category of hateful conduct.

Players do appear like receiving a week-length ban from Apex Legends nothing has been officially announced.