There’s no denying Olivia Wilde can direct the hell out of a film. 

And together with her latest in-the-back-of-the-digicam attempt, “Don’t Worry Darling,” the actress grew

It’s a film that has to resonate with moviegoers, who may additionally display up to check out an easy-on-the-eyes

However, like most popcorn thrillers, the chances of the Academy checking the movie off on their ballots is as farfetched.

The movie attempts to make Harry Styles's appearance unattractive in one critical scene. Nice attempt, but I don’t purchase it.

The stop product is a smorgasbord of excessive-octane thrillers, much like “Gone Girl” (2014)

Pugh, a previous nominee for “Little Women,” has the showiest function as a suburban wife who begins to doubt her reality.

There will champion for her, but the script’s shortcomings will keep her on the outside looking in.

Any Oscar love is probable to come for Arianne Phillips’s glamorous costumes and cinematographer Matthew Libatique’s sensuous framing. 

But even those look like heavy lifts for Warner Bros., the studio behind the movie.

The ensemble is complete of proficient performers and A-listing stars. 

And Wilde doesn’t simply display she’s the real deal as a director.